In Step 2 of the Technology Integration Planning (TIP) model, Roblyer and Doering (2014) underline the importance of assessing the ‘TechPACK’. This involves assessing the ‘who’ (content knowledge), followed by the ‘what’ (technological knowledge) and the ‘how’ (pedagogical knowledge). I personally prefer using the TPAC assessment for Step 2. The TPAC assessment stipulates that the choice of technology should be guided by the ‘what’ (content knowledge) and the ‘how’ (pedagogy) within the boundaries of local context. Here is an example of how I use TPAC when integrating technology into the curriculum.

While both the TechPACK and TPAC assessments focus on curriculum and pedagogy (both important), TechPACK does not place enough emphasis on the importance of taking the local context – or the equitable selection of technology – into consideration (also important). More information about why this is essential in the Australian context here and here.


TPAC in 2 Minutes

Roblyer, M., & Doering, A. (2014). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching: International Edition, 6th Edition, Pearson.

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