BYOD Tip – QR Codes

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Quick Response (QR) codes are barcodes that can be programmed to open web pages that you would like your students to access on their devices, connect them to the school WiFi or bookmark web pages in their browsers for later reference providing they have have a QR code reader installed on their mobile device. I also have one programmed with my contact details saved on my phone which is quite useful for conferences or parents that intercept you on your Saturday morning jog.

While they are a great way to enhance non-digital materials such as worksheets and posters with digital media such as videos, games and online articles or blog posts, QR codes can be time consuming to create and manage if you rely on a QR code generator that requires you to copy and paste each link and export each QR code individually.

Tammy Worcester has written an excellent post on how to batch create and manage QR codes in Google Sheets. She has also made a template which you can copy to your Google Drive and start using right away.

Please note: Tammy’s template is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. Please give credit to Tammy if your share this template with others.

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